An introduction to Closet Music

What is Closet Music?

Closet Music is a project to explore a musical experience that we have all had: an imagined sound-world playing out in our heads. Whether it’s enjoying the memory of a live performance, reading through song-books while sitting on the floor of a library or music shop, imagining that ambient sounds take on a rhythmic and melodic energy, or creating incidental music to a poem you’re reading, we all have un-recorded, private musical moments. In both stages of this project, I asked composers, writers and artists deliberately to provoke these imagined performances, to find some way of conveying on paper an internal sound-world never meant to be heard out loud.

No.2 of Four black and white pieces, Caitlin Rowley 2013

The inspiration for the project

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How to approach Closet Music pieces

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A long history and many precedents...

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