Future Projects

Where can Closet Music go from here?

Closet Music for Children

Several workshops with primary-age children on the ideas of Closet music and experimental music in general have acted as a proof-of-concept that a volume of Closet Music works for children should be produced, and this will be the next project. The pieces will be suitable for home use and also for use in the classroom. This project will be organised during 2020

Electronic Closet Music

From the beginning, it has been clear that Closet Music would work well in an electronic format. The potential for interaction, 'digging down' and control over time that would be possible in an app will suit this kind of work very well. It would also allow colour which could not be incorporated (for economical reasons) in the original Closet Music Book.

Closet Music on the Underground

Wouldn't it be great to get miniature Closet Music works on the Tube! The concept is ideal...

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