The Travel Pack

A second call went out in the spring of 2013 inviting composers to contribute to The Travel Pack: each closet music work to fit on to A6 cards, possibly with the theme of travel and journeying.

From about 50 submissions, 30 were chosen, by 23 composers from all around the world. These works tend to be more conceptual and less narrative than the original Book collection – some verge on the meditative, others are exercises in rhythm, and a few are minimal in the extreme. This time there were several 'art' works, and those on the theme of travel ranged from personal experiences to the frustrations of overhearing mobile phone conversations. It's a thought-provoking mix of ideas, genres and disciplines.

The resulting pack is pleasingly presented, a neat, portable pack ideal for journeys or presents!

Here are some samples from the pack – just a few to whet your appetite!

Some entries were in colour, which for financial reasons could not be part of the pack. The colour submissions are shown, with the composers’ permission, here.

The Travel Pack is available to buy for £10 here.

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